متجر سعودي تجاوزت خبرتنا 10 سنوات في خدمه الهوايات اللاسلكيه من توفير سيارات الريموت كنترول بجميع انوعها مع قطع الغيار والبطاريات وكيل حصري في المملكه لشركه HPI RACING والكثير من الشركات الاخرى

VP Power 4496257 25

155 SAR

بنزين نايترو من شركه في بي ريسنق العالميه بنسبه 25% مخصص لسيارات التي تعمل بنظام وقود النايترو

الكميه 946 ملي للعلبه


المنتج يندرج تحت المواد الخطره القابله للاشتعال لذا يجب حفظه في مكان بارد و بعيدا عن متناول الاطفال

Product Description

PowerMaster 25% Road Race was developed by VP Racing Fuels to be the ULTIMATE answer for the ultra-high demands of 1/8th on-road racing. 25% Road Race is developed with a high-performance oil package for the incredible high rpms of .21 engines, without sacrificing reliability. Used by Ralph Burch Jr. and Paul Lemieux to win ROAR National Championships.

PowerMaster™ wants to make sure you have the very best fuel to give you the best chance to win, and that includes the packaging! The container the fuel is stored in is just as important to performance as the quality of the chemicals themselves. What good is it to put a high-performance fuel in a container that delivers anything less than the best standards possible? PowerMaster uses only DOT approved pressure-tested metal cans with an inner lining to prevent corrosion. Even the closure cap is tested to the highest of standards. What you get is the highest quality fuel packaged in a fully sealed can that offers the same performance months down the road as the day you purchased it.


  • Ultra-clean burn
  • Easy to tune
  • No after-run necessary
  • Extended runtimes
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-foaming agents
  • Multi-viscosity 11% Synthetic/Castor lubrication package blend for the ultimate combination of rpm and protection
  • National Champions

155 SAR
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