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NGK CMR7H Spark Plug - ee132

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NGK CMR7H spark plug. 10mm thread, 1/2" reach, 5/8" hex, gasket seat, resistor plug. Also fits billet head kits for scooters and pocketbikes. When used in RC style engines the gap suggested 0.029 inches

Zenoah part # 3699-91867

HPI Part # 15454 or 3066

FG part # 07343/08

Stock part on

Zenoah G230RC G260RC G240RC G270RC G290RC G320RC Motors Zenoah 231and 260 PUH and PUM Motors

Can be used on

CY23 CY26 CY27 CY29 GP290

GP460, or any other R/C style motor with same thread size on cylinder for plug.

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