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Turtle Racing Billet Air Filter Box for Losi 5ive (Clamp-On Filter Version

299 SAR

Method of installation

Turtle Racing Losi 5ive Air Filter Box for aftermarket clamp-on style air filters. TR part # TUR-L0007

Made of 6061 Billet aluminum, CNC machined precision. This Turtle Racing AirFilter box allows you to use a “Clamp-On” aftermarket air filter on your Losi 5IVE-T. We have repositioned the air filter so it does not interfere with the cage/body of the 5ive, this makes the cage/body removal and install very simple, especially with reed case motors. We also kept the filter as low as possible to keep center of gravity low. The Turtle Racing air filter box has cooling fins for added air cooling. This version does not use the original OEM HPI air filter. Air filter is not included. Add your favorite clamp on style filter such as the Uni filter, DT1, or Spyder brand.

Proudly Made in the USA. Turtle Racing is not responsible for your motor, it is the user's responsibility to properly install and maintain your air filter, including during operation.

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299 SAR
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