DuraTrax Pre-Mounted Lockup 1/8 Buggy Tires (White) (2)(Soft - C2)

130 ر.س

تواير مخصصه

لتربه الصلبه والبر ايضا

تستخدم على سيارات 1/8 او اي سياره مقاس الهكس 17

This is a set of two DuraTrax Pre-Mounted Lockup 1/8 Buggy Tires in C2 compound. These tires are recommended for loose and wet track conditions, as well as grass tracks. DuraTrax Performance Tires deliver top-end traction and durable construction so you can keep running laps, long after your competition has limped to the pits. DuraTrax wheels feature a unique “star” pattern hub that grips the nut better than traditional styles.


  • Molded from long-lasting C2 compound
  • Good for loose and wet tracks, as well as grass tracks
  • Innovative tread designs, identified easily at a glance by durable color-coding on the sidewalls
  • Unique wheel hub pattern for better nut grip
  • Decals provided for marking each tire’s mounting position, simplifying future set-up

  • 130 ر.س

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