متجر سعودي تجاوزت خبرتنا 10 سنوات في خدمه الهوايات اللاسلكيه من توفير سيارات الريموت كنترول بجميع انوعها مع قطع الغيار والبطاريات وكيل حصري في المملكه لشركه HPI RACING والكثير من الشركات الاخرى

مبرد كلتش RB Innovations Cooling Clutch Plate for 1/5th Scale Engines

230 SAR

Stop burning up your clutches from excessive overheating. This hybrid clutch plate features machined fan blades to force air over the clutch to cool and pro-long the clutch life.  This will work with any stock 54mm clutch on a CY or Zenoah vented or non vented housing. (Clutch not included)

Use on any 1/5th scale application including; HPI Baja 5B/T, Losi 5IVE & others.

Compatible with any aftermarket clutch case that also allows use of the stock clutch plate. (The only clutch cases this is not compatible with are the TR/OBR clutch cases with separate seals, that require a machined clutch plate. If you have this type of clutch case, the correct part number for your RB cooling plate is part gt356)


  • CNC Machined from Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Machined from billet aircraft aluminum.
  • Weight 26 grams (stock 22 grams)
  • Integrated heat sink
  • Clutch plate for 54mm clutch
  • Zenoah and Chung Yang engines.
  • - CY23 CY26 CY27 CY29 GP290 Zenoah G230 260 240 270 290RC Engines
  • Fits as direct replacement to the stock parts.

230 SAR
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