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bb127 -Zenoah G320RC 4-Bolt 31.8cc Longblock Engine Core Engine

مكينه 32 سي سي

1,099 SAR

Arabic information?

A machine from Zenouh, the first Japanese company to manufacture gasoline engines for remote control cars

Engine size: 32 cc

4 cylinder lock control bolts

The engine has proven its strength and worth around the world of gasoline enthusiasts

The machine is short so that the parts can be used for your old engine on the new

The parts that can be transferred from your previous engine are:

  • Hood (size may vary slightly)
  • sulfur
  • shackle (the pulling tool to start the engine
  • fan + coil

If your previous engine was not 32 cc or 34 cc

Please search for the following parts in the search engine

  • Zenoah G320RC / G320PUM Insulator Manifold
  • Zenoah G320RC 54mm Clutch Housing

Zenoah G320RC 54mm Clutch Housing

Fits Zenoah G320RC engine only.

Does NOT fit earlier Zenoah RC models! The Zenoah G320RC has wider crankcase bolt spacing, so it requires this specific clutch case for proper fitment.

This is the stock factory version - some applications of the G320RC engine need a modified "short" version of this housing (installs on Losi 5ive, Losi DBXL, RedCat, etc.) If you need this shortened version, see item gt286C (also listed at the bottom of this page in the "also purchased with this item" listing).

1,099 SAR
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