MadMax Complete Assembled "Supergrip" Onroad Tire/Wheel set for HPI Baja 5b (Rear) كفرات

375 ر.س

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the MadMax Super Grip tires designed for the HPI Baja 5B buggies. Molded in a durable rubber and completely pre-assembled on wheels make these a simple and direct replacement for your Baja.

Featuring a simple grooved design these are ideal of paved on road surfaces. The tire is molded in a thick rubber and features internal webbing to help maintain tire shape at high speeds and in corners. The tire compound is best suited for warm to hot temperatures for best performance.

Complimenting the tires is a medium-soft precision injected foam insert. While the insert is lightweight to help improve acceleration and top speed the medium soft density helps maintain traction. Durable eight spoke nylon wheels feature a standard 24mm hex and alloy ring to strengthen the hub. Black bead lock rings keep the tires secured to the wheel.

  • 375 ر.س

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