Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 4x4 (2) ARAC3144 OR AR610031 ARRMA RC

40 ر.س


These high-quality ball bearings provide replacement parts for your kit supplied items.


Premium ball-raced bearings for ultra-smooth operation in all conditions - Precision manufactured for fast and easy fit and consistent servicing - Manufactured to consistent tolerance for safe and secure assembly - Double protective shields to provide added durability 


Inside diameter: 6mm

Outside diameter: 12mm

Thickness: 4mm


2 x Ball Bearing 6 x 12 x 4mm


Compatible Products

ARRMA Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 4x4 (2) ARAC3144 is compatible with

ARA102666, ARA102668, ARA102694, ARA102694I, ARA102696, ARA102711, ARA102714IT1, ARA102714IT2, ARA102714T1, ARA102714T2, ARA102715T1, ARA102715T2, ARA102720T1, ARA102720T2, ARA102721T1, ARA102721T2, ARA102722, ARA102723, ARA110002T1, ARA110002T2, ARA960GL, ARA960RL, ARA961BL, ARA961RL, ARAD60GL, ARAD60RL, ARAD61BL, ARAD61RL, ARAD64NL, ARAD65GL

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  • 40 ر.س

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