1:8 GT - T02 SLICK VELOCITY - S4 SoftMedium - Mounted on New Closed Black Wheel - 1 Pair

110 ر.س

الكيس يحتوي على كفرين فقط

تواير تستخدم لسيارات 1/8

وعلى اي سياراه مقاس الهكس للكفر 17

نوع الكفر S4


اللون اسود

Due to the nature of high speed racing, the Velocity tyres do not have a replacement guarantee. Under controlled circumstances Velocity tyres have withstood speeds up to 160 Mph. The track surface can have negative effects unforeseen in our testing. The end user must realize that slight nicks can lead to tire failure at speeds that exceed 100 Mph

  • 110 ر.س

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