متجر سعودي تجاوزت خبرتنا 10 سنوات في خدمه الهوايات اللاسلكيه من توفير سيارات الريموت كنترول بجميع انوعها مع قطع الغيار والبطاريات وكيل حصري في المملكه لشركه HPI RACING والكثير من الشركات الاخرى

TeamFastEddy Complete Professional Series Bearing Upgrade Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC - tt41963

370 SAR

High quality closed rings from Fast Eddy

Complete from the differential to the rest of the places where there are bearings except for the engine

It can be used on all versions of the patches

baja 5b

baja 5b ss

baja 5T


Issue 27 Burning

It is recommended for best performance and longevity

Team FastEddy has taken their Bearing Kits to the next level and added a “Professional Series Kit” to their lineup.This is a serious kit For serious drivers. It's the highest quality and most complete kit on the market for the Baja 5B/5T/5SC. All the bearings in the “Pro Series” Kit are all ABEC-5 Rated and have a specially engineered lubricant to resist the heat and abuse caused by the additional torque and speed of today's Baja. The “Pro Series kit” contains every bearing that is included in the Baja and the Baja SS. In addition, there are several bearings included to upgrade all the bushings in the diff and the brake shaft. Also included is an additional bearing that can be added to the transmission case for the output shaft. The “Pro Series Kit” contains 27 bearings. If you demand the best for your Baja 5B/5T this is the kit for you.

370 SAR
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