Wheel Axle (2): 4x4 ARAC9443 OR AR310784 ARRMA RC

49 ر.س


These high-quality wheel axles are manufactured from durable material that will provide long-lasting performance when the bashing action is extreme.


Precision machined from high-quality material for precise fit to your vehicle - Tough and durable design


2 x Wheel Axle

Compatible Products

ARRMA Wheel Axle (2): 4x4 ARAC9443 is compatible with

ARA102666, ARA102668, ARA102711, ARA102714IT1, ARA102714IT2, ARA102714T1, ARA102714T2, ARA102715T1, ARA102715T2, ARA102720T1, ARA102720T2, ARA102721T1, ARA102721T2, ARA102723, ARA960GL, ARA960RL, ARA961BL, ARA961RL, ARAD60GL, ARAD60RL, ARAD61BL, ARAD61RL, ARAD64NL, ARAD65GL

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  • 49 ر.س

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