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True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 11.1V 7800mAh 120C with G10 plates

480 SAR

The new version of SMC v2

By which the battery performance has been improved by developing manufacturing materials to make the battery amps more consistent and in use

the battery

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Covered by a thick leatherette cover


Length: 165mm

Width: 51mm

Height: 30mm

Size: 488gr

Cable thickness: 10AWG

The new Extreme Graphene V2 packs are the best packs we have offered yet for performance. You can read about this new series here . This pack is designed to give you the best possible play time in the E-Revo/E-Revo2/Summit .

Built with G10 plates on 5 sides for added protection.

- Built with wide tab cells for lowest possible internal resistance.

- 10AWG wires soldered straight to the tabs.

True mAh +/- 5%: 7800mAh

Voltage: 11.1V

C rate: 120C

Power Factor: PF393 For more information click

Size: 30mm x 51mm x 165mm G10 protection plates

Weight: 488gr

Wire size: 10AWG

Charge rate: 1C to 5C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mAh into the pack and will reduce cycle life

SMC batteries are an American company with a high quality Chinese industry

Its batteries are very high performance

The sizes of the batteries are suitable for most remote control cars

world famous

Some important notes:

Before buying, please check the space available in your cars and compare it with the dimensions of the current battery

The first car team checks the safety of the battery before preparing it for shipment

  • We do not commit to any warranty on the batteries, and you can refer to smc directly according to the purchase invoice from the first car

Note : To request changing the sockets to those not available with batteries, please contact us on WhatsApp 0503715015 before ordering the product

480 SAR
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