eBay 1/5 RC Axle or Transmission Grease by Team FastEddy for Losi & Baja 5B 5T SC

شحم مخصص لسيارات 1/5

129 SAR

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Product Description

Team FastEddy, in conjunction with a leading USA-based grease manufacturer has developed the ultimate grease for you 5th scale needs. FastEddys Dogbone and Transmission Grease is available in a large 2 oz jar with enough grease to last a good long time.

Unlike the stock grease, The FastEddy grease will not break down and spin out of your boots. It ultra tacky nature will keep it on the dogbone and cup where it belongs to reduce the wear and tear on your drivetrain. Use it in your transmission as well. Just a few dabs on your gears and they will be properly protected. Once again, another extremely well thought out product by Team FastEddy.

  • 129 SAR

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