Sand Buster M Compound Rear Paddle Tire Set

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baja 5B SS

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ويمكن استخدامها على اي سياره 1/5

الكيس يتضمن عدد 2 تاير

الحجم 170x80mm

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Set of two (2) Sand Buster rear paddle tires for the HPI Baja 5b. Now you can take your Baja 5B to the dunes and throw huge roosts of sand just like the real sand rails. Molded in HPIs exclusive M Compound, Sand Buster Paddle rears have 10 large paddles for maximum traction in sand and soft dirt. Sand Busters are designed for the sand, but you can also run them in loose dirt and even in the mud! Sold in pairs, these tires are a direct replacement for the factory Baja 5B tires. Inner foams not included. 170 x 80mm size. HPI part # 4846.

  • 165 ر.س

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