EZRUN MAX 5 ESC (3-8S) hobbywing

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سبيد كنترول من شركه هوبي وينق الرائده في صناعه القطع الكهربائيه لسيارات الريموت كنترول

السبيد كنترول مخصص لسيارات 1/5 سواء لسيارات الباجات او اللوسي

مع العلم يمكن استخدامه على سيارات 1/8 وايضا 1/7 ويعتبر تعديل قوي جدا ويعطي نتائج لا يستهان بها

معلومات عن المنتج : EZRUN MAX5-V3

الاصدار : الثالث v3

Color: Black

SKU: 30104000

الامبير : 200 امبير

مخصص لمواطير البرشلس

مدمج معه اسلاك الكهرب التي تربط مابين الماطور والاسبيد بلون اسود

  • يمكن استخدامه على بطاريات من 3 سل الى 8 سل
  • يمكن استخدام منفذ مروحه التبريد لبرمجه السبيد كنترول بكرت البرمجه الخاص من هوبي وينق (كرت البرمجة يباع منفرد )
  • اقصى حد يمكن استخدامه مع مواطير 1000KV المخصصه لمواطير 1/5 مع العلم يمكن استخدام السبيد على اغلب مواطير 1/8
  • فيش مخصص لإطفاء وتشغيل السبيد وهذه ميزه امنه جدا لا يوفرها بعض السبيدات
  • الوزن 342g
  • الابعاد

الطول : 93.35 MM

العرض : 58.12 MM

الارتفاع : 47.81 MM

يمكن ترقية السوفت وير الخاص بالاسبيد باستخدام كرت البرمجه الديجيتل

1/5th E-conversion



What is the box? 
  • (1) Ezrun MAX5 ESC
  • (3) 10 AWG, 200C Black wires for a brushless motor 
  • (1) Extra set of 8 AWG 200C RED power wire
  • (1) Extra set of 10 AWG 200C Black power wire 
  • (1) Double side tape 
  • (2) Heat shrink tube
  • User's manual 
  • A HOBBYWING decal 


  • Compatible with sensorless brushless motors and sensored brushless motors (only in sensorless mode).
  • Fully waterproof design for all weather conditions.
  • Super internal switch-mode BEC with switchable voltage of 6V/7.4V and a cont. /peak current of 6A/25A for easily driving big torque servos and high voltage servos.
  • Highly reliable electronic switch avoids troubles which may happen to traditional mechanical switch due to dirt, water, dash and etc.
  • The built-in spark-proof circuit effectively protects not only battery and ESC connectors from damage but also users from physical injury (to hands) caused by strong electrical sparks
  • produced at the battery and ESC connecting moment.
  • Separate programming port to easily connect the LED program card or the LCD program box to the ESC. (purchase separately)
  • Proportional brake with 9 levels of brake amount/maximum brake force and 9 levels of drag brake force.
  • 5 levels of acceleration /punch from soft to aggressive for different vehicles, tires and tracks.
  • Multiple protections: motor lock-up protection, low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection, overload protection, and fail safe (throttle signal loss protection).
  • Capacitor Protection(Only MAX5):Innovative Capacitor Protection effectively protects capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC because of overload.
  • Single-button ESC programming and factory reset.
  • Advanced programming via portable LED program card or multifunction LCD program box. (purchase separately)
  • Firmware upgrade via HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box (item sold separately).


Ezrun Max 5 MAX5


  • Ensure all wires and connections are well insulated before connecting the ESC to related devices, as the short circuit will damage your ESC.
  • Ensure all devices are well connected, in order to prevent poor connections that may cause your vehicle to lose control or other unpredictable issues like damage to the device.
  • Read through the manuals of all power devices and chassis and ensure the power configuration is rational before using this unit.
  • Please use a soldering iron with the power of at least 60W to solder all input/output wires and connectors.
  • Do not hold the vehicle in the air and rev it up to full throttle, as rubber tires can “expand” to an extreme size or even crack to cause serious injury.
  • Stop using the ESC when its casing temperature exceeds 90℃/194℉; otherwise, your ESC will get destroyed and may also get your motor damaged. We recommend setting the
  • “ESC Thermal Protection” to 105℃/221℉ (this refers to the internal temperature of the ESC).
  • We recommend removing the cooling fan from ESC before exposing the vehicle to liquids and fully dry it right after the use.
  • Always disconnect and remove batteries after use, as the ESC will continue to consume current if it’s still connected to batteries (even if the ESC is turned off). Long-time contact will cause batteries to completely discharge and result in damage to batteries or ESC. This will not be covered under warranty

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