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Super Heavy-Duty Steel Reinforced Graphite Exhaust Gasket - fd227

15 SAR

Gasket for gasoline engines

It is installed between the outlet spurs in the engine and the spurs

It can be used from 23 cc to 34 cc engines

Avoid those pesky exhaust blowouts with this super heavy duty exhaust gasket manufactured from flexible graphite, bonded to a stainless steel insert. Flexible graphite can withstand extreme temps and has superior sealing abilities; Combined with a stainless steel insert, this gasket can hold up to the most extreme pressure. The material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central stainless steel core. These gaskets are designed to withstand up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (650 Celsius), measure 1/32 inch thich(1mm), and have a crush rating of 40%, allowing them to seal gaps in the exhaust manifold.

Fits standard CY/RC engines (22.5cc - 30.5cc)

15 SAR
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