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Kraken RC Scale Universal LED Light Bar - SHORT

270 SAR

ليد بار شورت من شركه كراكن

يعمل على بطاريه 3s او 2s

للحصول على الطاقه كامله لابد من تشغيله على بطاريه ليبو 3s مستقله

NEW! Plug and play Universal and Scale LED Light Bar for large scale RCs. Complete your roll cage kit by installing one of these realistic looking LED Light Bars! Fits the following Kraken RC kits - CL1TSK, TSK-b, Sidewinder SX5. Some drilling of the tabs may be required for fitment. These LED Light bars are not only scale looking, they are ultra bright!

Length: 8 inches/ 213mm

Requires 11.1V 3S Lipo battery (not included)

Connector: Futaba J female connector

12 Ultrabright 50/50 SMD LED Modules

100% rebuildable

Material: High Impact Molded Polymer

Mounting hardware included


DDM Now stocks an economical Turnigy 1500 mah 3S LiPo battery that is capable of powering your KrakenRC Light Bar. Note that you will need to install applicable connectors to to the light bar and battery.

270 SAR
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